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Chess club VPTD organizes in collaboration with Liga O-Vl


East Flemish Youth Championship 2021

October 16 and 17, 2021

Pairings - Results

OVJK regulations update Oct 16th





boys                          girls

- 20 years

De Baets Branko (Artevelde)                        †


-18 years

Van Volsem Merlijn (KGSRL Ghent)          De Rycke Tyani (LSV Chesspirant)

- 16 years

Zouaghi Amir (KGSRL Ghent)              Musabayeva Diana (LSV Chesspirant)

- 14 years

Oloeriu Calin (KGSRL Ghent)               Burssens Maya (The Mercatel)

- 12 years

Ruzhansky Elias (KGSRL Ghent)             Decraene Lotus (LSV Chesspirant)

- 10 years

Peeters Paul (LSV Chesspirant)                       †

- 8 years

De Baets Siebe (MSV)                   Decraene Eden (LSV Chesspirant)

           Branko -20

           Merlin -18

            Amir -16

             Calin -14

Ruzhansky Elias.jpg

                  Elias -12

Peeters Paul.jpg

            Paul -10

Siebe De Baets.jpg

             Siebe -8

De Rijcke Tyani.jpg

           Tyani -18

Musabayeva Diana.jpg

             Diana -16

Burssens Maya.jpg

            Maya -14

Decraene Lotus.jpg

               Lotus -12

Decraene Eden.jpg

              Eden -8

Attention: after downloading the games, the extension txt can be replaced by pgn !
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